by Wino Willy(Dj Mecc 1)

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    A Poem Set to an instrumental i made



I want to move across space and time back beyond the eyelid of God
so that I can exist outside of judgment/ I play Sims with the Hope that one day the Reality i Create from My head can Become the Reality in which I Live. When I open My Eyes....
I Lied.
I Wish to remain with in the Pictures/ Framed because the Portraits needs borders to prevent the sensory overflow, We Are only Human. The spectrum of colors in which we exist do not accurately reflect each individual complexity
Which is why I say that I Can’t dwell in this universe with you
I Am the Silver Surfer forced to watch every planet Die while you dine on the galaxies
Sip the Dust from Stars and wear supernovas around your neck
My Galactus Isolde
I am the simple Tristan, The Tragic Romero waiting for salvation that I truly don’t Deserve.
De Served, De Stroy, to De Sturbe the rest of this worlds inhabitants, we clearly ignore and shun those who look up to us, blinding themselves in the reflection of the Sun
I blinded myself in the presence of your daughter
no Loathing the intensity of the burn
The Loss of Sanity
and my Grip on Reality


released May 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Wino Willy(Dj Mecc 1) Atlanta, Georgia

Life Love Music
Dj, MC, REvolutionary
I've been dj ing since i was 13, rapping since i was 15, producing since i was 17
loving since i was a fetus, i Love you and I want to show it through the music i make.
I've been a weever way before the time of Buddy holly laying breathless on Islands in the Sunand i found that you were wheezy way before you had a sweet tooth, no lollipops
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